Thursday, 6 December 2007

More Free Blog Promotion Tools

The bloggosphere is buzzing with promotion and activity. It´s a great feeling to be part of it ... and not lose your shirt for various referral and linking fees. In the spirit of Monkey Fool, I will show you a few more blog promotion tools that will not cost you anything... almost.

1. LinkReferral

It´s a hugely popular linking system, which lists registered members links according to subject categories. Each member has a chance to be reviewed and visited by others by providing a few reviews (and visits) in exchange. The system is simple and effective, especially if you are on tight budget. However, it´s not completely fair. For a fee of USD 35/month, you will be placed on top of all referred links - hence, gaining substantial traffic without having to spend time referring and visiting other sites.

2. Link Back Link

It´s a simple blog which promises to provide a link to your site in exchange for a backlink. It does not cost anything, plus the link comes with a brief review of your site.

3. Blogorator

It´s a little script that you can install in your sidebar. Visitors get a chance to rate your site. With higher ratings you get more visibility on blogorator. The tool seems not to have the same popularity as technorati (#1 for blogging promotion) or even zimbio, both reviewed earlier. However, due to its addictive and easy use, I predict that Blogorator has a nice future ahead.

I might add a few more free blog promotion tools to this blog in the future. If you are fond of some other alternatives, such as Blogrolling, leave a comment so that we could discuss it.