Thursday, 5 April 2007

Selecting Your Web Host: Part 2

... and now another important tip: KEEP YOUR COSTS DOWN...

It´s very easy to overpay for your hosting. The surest way to overpay is by:

1. Choosing a wrong company

There are hundreds and more likely of thousands of hosting companies that go out of business every year. A bad choice means frequent switching, which in turn implies high costs every time you have to move your site.

2. Ignoring free options

There are some good free services available from large internet companies that are likely to stay in business for many years to come. This blog is hosted at - a good company with a great service. Absolutely free.

3. Not using free picture galleries

Pictures tend to eat up your disk space very fast. That´s ahy you should consider using such free services as Kodak EasyShare Gallery and Flikr, a Yahoo company. At any time you can upgrade. The downside is that usually you cannot use your custom domain name with such services.

4. Signing-up for long-term contracts

The best hosting contract is a one month contract, unless you are 100% certain about the reliability of your hosting service provider. Signing-up for anything beyond one year would reduce your flexibility to switch.

5. Following "expert" advice

Biased "experts", as discussed in my earlier post, can mislead you by failing to disclose their referral arrangements with hosting companies. Do your own research and double check the claims made by such experts.

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sanjith said...

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