Sunday, 2 September 2007

How to start your own social network site?

Social networking is growing by day. Friends, ex-friends, colleagues at work et al, all seem to be connected in a new virtual world of social networks managed by the likes of MySpace and Facebook, see

A number of software publishers claim that one could create a social network site that would rival the established players. Before you jump and buy expensive social networking software, offers a few reflections:

1. It´s not your game
When you pay for any money-making software you will end up making money for someone else. Instead of starting a new site, start your-own discussion group or network on an existing social networking site. See how it goes. If you manage to attract thousands of members, let us know what you did next.

2. ... but it might work
If you live in a country where social networking still does not exist, you might stand a chance. Ask the following questions: (i) is the internet penetration substantial in your country, (ii) can you deliver a solution in the required language, (iii) do you have the means (not only financial) to promote your site? If the answer is "yes" to all questions, START YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE NOW.

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