Tuesday, 6 November 2007

How to start your own social network site (2)?

The number of hits that this blog is receiving has visibly increased after I published a short article about social networking. This made me think that maybe some people should really give it a try. So, what does one need to start a social network site?

1. Reliable platform

Find a good solution, both software and hardware, that would support your site. There are many who offer their services. Don´t overpay. Have a look at a free solution joomla.org You might still have to pay for extra modules etc. However, keep your costs low at the beginning. Use your cash for promotion.

2. Differentiate

Make your site different. Find a niche that suits your interests and is a potentially responsive target, e.g. if your hobby is poker, make a social network for poker players.

3. Promote

Promote your new-born site among your friends and through AdWords. You will need some money for promotion.

4. Find partners

If your social network takes-off, first of all in terms of growth in members, find financial and technical partners who could help you develop your site further. Don´t forget that the competition is fierce. The life of all late-comers will be tough.

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